Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of Wilson's current and prospective families' most frequently asked questions. Can't find what you're looking for or need more information? Feel free to contact our front office or consult our student handbook located in the Quick Links section on the Home page.

How do I report my child absent or schedule a school visit?

Please notify the school regarding student absences. Please contact us with your child's name, the date, and the reason for his/her absence. Upon returning to school, each student must have a note signed by his/her parent specifying the reason for the absence. Students are responsible for all missed class work and homework assignments while absent. All students with five or more unexcused absences must attend mandatory Saturday School. Six absences or more will result in Wilson's school resource officer issuing a truancy citation that will require the parent and student to appear in court.

We encourage parents to visit our school. As a gesture of courtesy, please notify your child's teacher before your visit. State law requires all visitors to check-in at the front office and wear a visitor badge for the safety of all of our students.

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What are the school hours?

Our regular school hours are 8:00 a.m.–3:25 p.m. Visit Our School page for more details.

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How much does the school lunch program cost and what’s for lunch?

The Food Service Department provides breakfast and lunch to all enrolled students free of charge. We send home menus periodically, and you will also find them on our district Food Service page.

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As a parent, how can I get more involved with Wilson Elementary?

Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and Site Council are always in need of volunteers. Please contact Alicia Guzman at 602-683-2400 in the front office or visit our School page for further details. More information is also available in the quick links on the Home page. 

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Does Wilson have a dress code?

Yes. We incorporate dress regulations into the lesson plan by insisting that our students develop good habits right down to the very clothes they wear. At Wilson we strive to integrate professionalism in what we do and urge our students to reflect it in their appearance. Students are to wear:

  • A Wilson Elementary School issued I.D. Students are to keep their I.D. visible in a clear I.D. cover on a maroon, break-away style lanyard. It is the student’s responsibility to replace damaged, lost, or stolen I.D.'s, covers, or lanyards. We prohibit defacing or decorating school I.D.'s.
  • A white, burgundy, or gray collared or polo style shirt. Girls may also wear collared blouses. We do not allow logos with the exception of our school logo. Shirts are to remain tucked-in while on school grounds.
  • Navy blue shorts or pants worn at the waist. Girls may also wear crop pants; however, we prohibit students from wearing dresses or skirts. Bottoms are to be cotton/polyester blend material. Students must wear their shorts unrolled at both the hem and the waist, and they must be at least fingertip length (that is no shorter than one's fingertips when arms are resting at his/her sides.)
  • Students may wear jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts provided that they are plain white, navy blue, or gray worn over a white collared shirt with the collar out. No black. We do not allow students to wear any clothing items with striping, emblems, writing, or logos, other than the Wilson school logo. Students may not wear turtlenecks or long-sleeved shirts under their short-sleeved shirts.
  • Belts must be black or brown with a standard buckle. Hair bands should be navy blue or white and worn only in the hair. Students are to wear white, navy blue, black, gray, or brown covered tennis shoes with minimal logos and tied laces no more than a quarter inch thick. Shoelaces must be white or black. Socks are to be tan, navy blue, black, or white in color. Girls may also wear tan, navy blue, black, or white tights or hose. We do not permit more than two sets of stud-style earnings with the stone no bigger than one centimeter in diameter. We permit female students to wear moderate makeup; however, we do not allow application or re-application at school. It is our policy to confiscate all makeup found on school grounds. Students must keep their nails short and with no embellishments, with the exception of natural-toned nail polish.

All clothing items are to be no more than one size larger than the child. Violation of the dress code will result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion in the case of repeated offenses. The school administration has the final word as to whether a particular clothing item is considered to be offensive or in violation. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure his/her child complies with the dress code.

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Is transportation provided to and from Wilson Elementary School?

We provide bus service to in-district students living more than one mile from campus. Students may ride their assigned bus only. Misbehavior on behalf of the child may result in the loss of bus privileges. Students with a ninth hour class may ride a later bus with a school issued bus pass. Please see our bus routes for more information.

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My child has an important appointment. How can I arrange to pick him up early from school?

All persons picking up students must be 18 years of age or older and are required to provide picture I.D. We will not release any student to unauthorized individuals. Parents must specify the people permitted to pick-up their children in person via the signed emergency information form. We do not accept written or phone requests. Wilson Elementary does not allow parents to call out students less than an hour before school ends.

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Can my child bring a cell phone to school?

We do not allow students to have cell phones or any other electronic devices while on campus. However, we do permit them to use the phone in the office for emergencies or to notify parents of after school detention. Our office staff does not deliver phone messages to students unless it is an emergency situation. If a student is found in possession of a cell phone or portable device, it is district policy to confiscate it until the end of the semester and/or school year in the case of repeat offenses. We will return devices only to the parent/guardian of the student. Wilson Elementary School is not responsible for the loss and/or theft of any electronic devices on our campus.

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What if my child has an allergy or other medical condition?

Parents must provide a health statement indicating their children's allergies or other medical conditions. Wilson requires parents to complete annual questionnaires indicating pertinent medical information such as food sensitivities, health concerns, or other chronic illnesses. It is the responsibility of the parent to keep their emergency forms and contact information current. We recommend that parents notify the health office, cafeteria staff, and his/her child's teacher about serious medical conditions that may require emergency treatment. Only the school nurse may provide medical care or administer medications of any kind including inhalers, analgesics, and prescription medication.

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Can my child bring a sports gear to school?

Students may bring sports equipment, like basketballs and soccer balls, to school for use at recess. However, we do not allow students to bring toys, games, trading cards, radios, CD players, MP3 players, iPods, PSPs, electronic devices, pets, gum, or any other item that could distract from the learning environment.

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