Why Choose Us? 

Wilson Elementary is a school with a rich history, an intriguing present, and a vibrant future. It is our pledge to provide a quality education in which parents can trust. Our relaxed and cozy school climate is the perfect setting for developing our students' confidence as they build their ambitions and aspirations. You'll find that our fun, friendly, and energetic environment bolsters curiosity in our students and inspires them to ask questions. We welcome new and prospective students to learn more about our school and visit our campus to see what we have to offer.

Our Awards

We are the proud recipient of Arizona State University's 2011 Lead and Inspire Award, which recognizes schools who have made significant strides in academic performance and that consider scholastic excellence a community effort. 

An AVID National Demonstration School

We believe that every child deserves the chance to develop the skills they need to be successful in their high school and college years. Here at Wilson Elementary we encourage our students to reach for the stars via our implementation of the AVID's college readiness system. The AVID organization is diligent in ensuring its national demonstration schools meet their rigorous guidelines school wide. Our school represents AVID's core principles of time-management, goal-setting, and mental and physical organization. We do our very best to encourage our students to be college bound and adopt the principles and practices embedded in the AVID program. Please visit our Curriculum page for more details.